The Purple Milk Box has been around for over 10 years! It dates back to Counter-Strike and Battlefield 2 times. It started with two close friends Brandon (Reinvented) and Zack (Hot Carl) and soon was a gathering of other like-minded older gamers. It slowly expanded into other games that we all enjoyed together over the years. We have played many games together such as Counter-Strike, Destiny 2, the Battlefield series, Overwatch and much more!  

Most of us are older, and have families, etc -- so, we play when we can!

Our goal: Keep it casual, and most importantly keep it fun! 

We are always looking for more like-minded individuals to join our community in a casual or competitive gaming environment!  If this interests you, stop by the forums and introduce yourself!  Please be sure to use Discord as well to find a group to play with!

Requirements for joining:
-Don't be a jerk
-Have Discord and a mic 
-Be active on Discord and within the clan or community

Even if you don't join, we'd appreciate the company by joining our Discord server by clicking the connect button on the right hand side!