Welcome to The Purple Milk Box


The Purple Milk Box is a group of like-minded gamer's of all ages that enjoy playing games together in a fun-casual and competitive environment.  Founded in 2006 by Reinvented and Hot Carl, who owned several Counter-Strike servers and communities, they soon expanded into other first person shooters alike and grew their community to keep people playing together who have very little time to game due to real life obligations.

 Purple Milk Box Clan and Community Members currently play Overwatch, CS:GO, Battlefield V, and much more.  

 The Purple Milk Box also have several streamers who play alongside current clan and community members with giveaways for both Steam Gift Cards and hardware/gaming peripherals. 

 If you are interested in joining the clan or community to do end-game content and more, please visit the Contact Us page, and be sure to register on the forums and join our Discord to introduce yourself.



Thank you,

Reinvented and Hot Carl